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PostSubject: Code of conduct   Code of conduct EmptyThu Dec 03, 2009 9:00 pm

Here are a few rules we expect to be followed.
.-RULE #1 you may attack anyone who has attacked you first.
-Exception: We don't want you to attack a NAP clan even if you are attacked first. Unless you are in the battlezone (All bets are off in the battlezone). Inform General Sir, SS_Minnow, or Myself of the incursion and we will deal with it diplomatically.

-RULE #2 No one Kills anyone under level 20 unless they attacked you first.
-Exception: If they are in KOS list, or in the battle zone.

-RULE #3 No one Kills anyone that we have a NAP with. (it is your responsibility to know NAPs)
-Exception: unless they are in the battle zone.

-RULE#4 Any boat with a bounty is fair game.
-Exception: Anyone in our NAP list.

Rule #4 It is bad etiquette to STEAL kills or Wreckage. Please don't do this.

Rule #5 Even when things get heated in the chat or you get annoyed by something somebody said, you should keep your cool. Please remember to communicate in a respectful manner with each other at all times. Treat other players and moderators with the same amount of respect you would also like to receive.

Racist, sexist, political opinions and obscene language will result in removal from the clan without warning. The decision is alone the responsibility of the clan leaders.

Rule #6 UPS members are to stay out of other clans business. Don't dictate anything to another clan please.

RULE#7 If you leave UPS for any reason please EMAIL your clan commander.
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Code of conduct
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